Nigerian Food

Nigerian food and recipes from Nigeria

Nigeria’s diverse cuisines and traditions

Nigeria is a country in Western Africa on the coast of the Gulf ofrecipes from nigeria for pouding yam and stew spicy food Guinea. It is the most populated country in Africa with around 170 million inhabitants and is next to it’s delicious traditional nigerian food also famous for its vibrant moviescene called Nollywood (The African variant of Hollywood). The country gets its name from the Niger river, which runs throughout the country and got independence from Britain in 1960. The countries has more then 500 different ethnicities, but has three large ethnic groups, which are the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa people. Al ethnicities have their own special cuisine, but Nigerians also like to share many dishes among eachother.

Famous traditional Nigerian food recipes and ingredients

traditional Nigerian foods are often full of herbs and spices and are very rich in flavour. Many dishes include chili peppers and are there for quit hot and spicy.  Famous Nigerian dishes include rice, Yam or Plantain as a staplefood, but the cuisine of this country has many more flavours to bring to you, so pleace check out the list of recipes down below.

spicy and delicious Nigerian foods

see her the list of traditional nigerian food recipes from Food of Africa: