Peanut Oil

African peanut oil for african dishes and food Huile d'ArachidePeanut oil is a vegetable oil extracted and prepared from groundnuts using a hydraulic press. Although Peanuts are originally from South America and were first cultivated there they can now be found in many African countries as well. The African countries like Nigeria, Sudan and Senegal are among the worlds biggest producers of peanuts and many local farmers accros Africa grow peanuts on their own fields. Peanut based products are therefore also a key ingredient in many African dishes. Peanut oil is very clear and extremely suitable for high temperature cooking.  Peanut oil is suitable for frying food, but it can also be used for the preparation of dressings or mayonnaises seasonings. In many regular supermarkets you can find peanut oil, which would do great for you African cooking. If you prefer to have a better Peanut oil you can always check out your local African, Arab or Asian store which have most of the time a wide variety of different Peanut oils.