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Cuisine of Ghana: delicious and diverse

Ghana is located on the Westcoast of the African continent. Its market ghana for food cookingname comes from the ghanian empire which existed before colonial times. The country has around 25 milion inhabitants which are predominantly of Akan origin. Other major etnicities in Ghana include the Ewe and Ga-adangbe, which all have their own different specialities of ghanaian food and cuisine. The main difference in foods are between the northern and southern part of Ghana. While in the south plantain and casava are the main staple foods in the north of ghana they use millet and soghum. Although regional specialities the Ghanaians share their love for nice foods and spices.

Famous ghanaian stews

Famous are the ghanaian stews with fish, beef or chicken and also chili market ghana for ghanaian stewghanaian rice dishes are delicious. Bordering the Golf of Guinea in the south, many dishes include nice seafoods. To see all the different rich and nice recipes of ghanaian food below and enjoy the taste! happy cooking!

List of Ghanaian Recipes: