African restaurants in Chicago

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Senegalese, Eritrean and Pan- African Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois

Being the third largest city of the United States, Chicago has a large thriving African community.  No wonder that there are quit a few African restaurants in Chicago. In the capital of Illinois you can find Senegalese restaurants, Nigerian chefs as well as Ethiopian and Eritrean places to enjoy authentic African food. Furthermore there are also some pan- African restaurants to be found in Chicago which serve a wide range of dishes from the whole continent. Here under you will find a list of places in Chicago where you can dine the African way:

Badou Sengalese Cuisinesenegalese restaurant chicago illinios

Address: 2055 W. Howard Street, Chicago, IL
Phone: 7732936913


Bolat African Cuisine

Address: 3346 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
Phone:+1 773-665-1100

Yassa African Restaurant

Address: 3511 S King Dr, Chicago, IL
Phone:+1 773-488-9630

Vee-Vee’s African Restaurant

Address: 6232 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL
Phone:+1 773-465-2424

Mama Osas African Restaurant

Address: 1027 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL
Phone:+1 773-561-2754

Grace’s African Restaurant

Address: 4409 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL
Phone:+1 773-570-8096

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Address: 4801 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 773-334-8787

Ras Dashen

Address: 5846 North Broadway Street, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 17735069601